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San Gil – a quiet mountain village Ha Ha

We said goodbye to the shore and jumped on a night bus going south, to the mountains. We were going to a small village called San Gil. It is Colombia's extreme sports capital offering everything from abseiling down a 100 meter high waterfall to paragliding, rafting in degree 5 rapids, mountain biking and canyoning.

San gil

San gil

We found the best hostel we have ever stayed in. It had a porch looking across the main plaza in San Gil in addition to having a pool, sauna, blueray player with HD TV, massage and a restaurant with the most succulent filet steak I have ever had. Filet steak with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables for 50 Norwegian kroner(14$) " (including a glass of beer) is pretty unbeatable.
Our plan of one night quickly turned into 3 nights. One advantage with travelling long-term is that one can always stay longer in the places that one likes..

Shell from insects

Shell from insects

San Gil is a nice little town with narrow streets, old churches and good food-traditions. One of the things they eat there, that for us Europeans do not seem like food, is ants. They are very fond of a particular type of ant with a huge backend that they like to fry and eat as a snack. Unfortunately it was outside of the ant season when we were there so we did not find them no matter how much we were looking.

Cow herder in Villa Nuevo

Cow herder in Villa Nuevo

One day we took a bus that went further up the mountain to an even smaller village where the locals are doing their own thing, and tourists are scarce. From there we walked a trail that went through a dry mountain terrain with breathtaking views of the area. At the end of the trail we found an even smaller mountain village that looked like it had not developed for the past 200 years. It was very nice, and quiet there.

We strolled through the unpaved streets without meeting anyone other than the occasional goat or cow.
Our plan in San Gil was to try rafting as we had never done it before. The rafting company meant that it would be fine rafting in rapids grade 5 (maximum strength) even though we had never been rafting before.
We waited for 2 days,

Sleepy dog in Villanueva

Sleepy dog in Villanueva

the first day there were not enough people, and on the second day there were 10 people that all wanted to come. We drove out to the rapids, and when we got there they said that we were not allowed to go rafting that day because the river was too high. It was quite disappointing as we had spent most of the day to get ready and to drive out to the river. The rest of the day we were drinking beer in the pool along with 1 dutch guy, 1 american and 2 Swiss that we had met.
In the evening we went outside the city to a bar that also had a TEJO hall. Tejo is the national sport in Colombia. It consists of throwing a heavy lump of lead about 20 meters to hit a small box of clay. In the middle of the clay there is a small packet of gun powder. The point is to get closest to the gun powder with the lump of lead. If the lump of lead hits the powder then it explodes with lots of sparks and loud bangs. This is why they put Tejo courts far from the city center.

Stig playing Tejo

Stig playing Tejo

After we had drunk some beer and observed the local pros for half an hour we ventured down to the field to see if they let us play a little. The fat middle-aged tipsy Colombians were happy when we came down to the pitch. Not so much because of me, but more because of the 4 girls who were with me. The girls quickly gave up on the Tejo game as it is simply a mans game. To throw a piece of lead on gunpowder while throwing down lots of beer is a perfect sport for Male bonding.
Eventually a bunch of other tourists arrivd, so I played Tejo with them for 2 hours while Torunn and the other girls sat on the side and were drinking wiht the locals. One beer after another appeared in front of the girls, and occasionally also small shots of Aguardiente, which is the local spirit. The poor Swiss girls we were with could not say no to beer to be polite, but gradually they began to take beer with them to the bathroom so they could pour it out.
Tejo is an amazingly primitive sport, but curiously enough, very addictive. I was obsessed by hitting the gunpowder, but in most of my throws I could not even hit the clay box!
We were 10 people that went on for 2 hours, and only 2 times someone managed to hit the powder. It's harder than it looks like!

Villa De Leyva- The finest city in Colombia Feeling Good

After 3 days there we moved on to a village called Villa De Leyva. It was definitely the nicest town we visited throughout Colombia. It is the only original colonial city in the country. Being colonial ultimately means that the original architecture of the Spanish who built the city is kept. There are no tall buildings there, and all the streets are made of cobblestone. Villa de Leyva also has the largest plaza in the country; a giant cobbled space with a small wishing well in the middle.
Villa de Leyva is only 3 hours from the capital Bogota, which means that the city has become a favorite place to go on weekends for many of the rich people from Bogota. That in itself has made the prices in the town quite high, especially on weekends. We went out one night and ate something that I can only describe as the worst meal I've had on the entire trip (perhaps even my entire life) for a relatively high price. I paid 80 kroner for a dry, burnt, chewy and relatively unedible beef of unknown origin. It was sickening. Their cat got 80% of my meal, so he was satisfied.
High on a mountain above the town stands a Jesus statue, like the one in Rio De Janeiro, just not quite as big. It was worth a small climb for a spectacular view of the Villa De Leyva Valley. We were pretty much 3000 meters high when we got up there. We took some pictures together with dear Jesus, and went down again just as it started to pour down with rain.
Safely back in town we met the American Nick again by coincidence, the same guy we had met in San Gil a few days before… very random.

Torunn in stylish colonical streets

Torunn in stylish colonical streets

We went to a pub with Nick and got to hear all about his trip and life. Nick worked as campaign manager for one of the many Barack Obama campaign offices, so after Obama won the election there was not much to do there anymore. He then decided to rather travel around South America, which to us seems like the most logical thing to do.
The second day of our holiday in Villa de Leyva we rented bikes and rode around half the valley. It was a nice area, but very hot and dry. Almost like desert-landscape. We went to a penis-park.

Stig hugging big penis

Stig hugging big penis

There were lots of penises, of all sizes. Torunn was ecstatic !.
The native built all the large penis-statues for more than 2000 years ago in the name of fertility. When Christians arrived to the area, obviously there was trouble. They broke some of these statues, and ironically, they built a monastery with the same stone.
Luckily they had not demolished all of the statues, so there was still plenty of cock there when we visited the place.. It seemed to be a couple of hundred statues there, some were probably over 5 meters tall, while others were very thick. All sizes and thicknesses in one place. There were no balls there, but they would probably be more challenging to build.

Gigantic Chronosaur

Gigantic Chronosaur

We also visited the fossil museum in the middle of nowhere. It is located there because the house was built around a giant dinosaur fossil that was not moved since it was excavated. The dinosaur was very cool, and was more than 10 meters long. It is the best preserved fossil of the dinosaur-kind Chronosaurus- in the world. The Chronosaur was a sea creature that resembled a giant shark, only with huge fins resembling limbs. When we stood right at its head and looked at the giant 30-40 cm long canines it was very easy to imagine that this monster terrorized the prehistoric oceans. It was about 200 million years old. Very cool.
The rest of the museum had various other fossils, mostly ammonites, but also an occasional prehistoric fish. It is impossible to imagine that anyone can believe that the earth is 5000 years old when there is such concrete evidence like these amazing fossils. I guess people just believe what they have been told by others, even if it is demonstrably wrong.
The next stop on the trip was the capital of Colombia - Bogota.

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Dec 302012

El Morro Fort in Old Town

El Morro Fort in Old Town

View of Old Town

View of Old Town

Puerto Rico is an interesting island. They are theoretically 100% American, but they speak Spanish and they do not identify themselves as Americans, but as Puerto-Ricans. Americans, however, identify themselves with a random country that their great-great-grandfather came from (We have met many ¨ Norwegians who have never been to Norway ¨).
Our couchsurfer host named Rosa Lie is a very pleasant lady in her thirties who lives with her teenage son Ganesh. They live in a small apartment on the outskirts of San Juan. Me and Torunn got to share a sofa bed in the living room. Rosa is a very cool lady who made us all sorts of local sweets. She lives a very hectic life; going to work at 7, finished at five and then home to entertain couchsurfers or out with friends every night.
Us with Rosa Lie - our new Puerto Rican friend

Us with Rosa Lie – our new Puerto Rican friend

We spent the first day exploring the San Juan old town. This is where all the interesting things have happened. The Spanish held on to Puerto Rico for 400 years without the Brits, Dutch or the French managing to take it from them. It was mostly because they built two fairly large forts full of canons that covered every inch of the port where ships could enter.
There had obviously been some natives there before the Spaniards, but they were just slaughtered. This happened on all the Caribbean islands that we visited. There was always plenty of native Caribs on the various islands, and they were always slaughtered by Europeans who wanted to chop down all the forests to start the sugar plantations. This has probably always been the case in the history of most countries; those who have more advanced technology (guns) butchering the natives who are more primitive (only spears).
We visited both forts and 2 museums ,and after that we felt we had seen enough canons and forts for a while. The old Town is pretty cool in itself; narrow cobbled streets and ruins and forts around every corner.
the following day we had rented a car and got a little too ambitious. The plan was to go to the Arecibo Observatory to see the big antenna, the world's largest radio telescope, In addition to the Bacardi factory and icecream shop in Lares.

The bar at the Bacardi factory

The bar at the Bacardi factory

The Bacardi factory was pretty good. It was one of those rare places that was actually for free. We got a full tour of how Bacardi was made, and everything about the history. Then we had a bartender who spoke about the drinks you can make with Bacardi. It all ended with 2 free Bacardi-cocktails. That was great!. We obviously ended up buying a liter of Bacardi.
Stig and bacardi

Stig and bacardi

It was quite far to drive to the gigantic radioantenna, mostly on small side roads. Expectations were high when we got there as we had seen
Arecibo observatory

Arecibo observatory

the antenna in "contact" and "James Bond" and were very impressed. Those who built the antenna had found a valley that was the right size and then put the dish into the valley covering the existing forest.. They built 3 giant towers to keep the whole thing up. At the visitor center they have a small planetarium where there is plenty of information on various planets and other science stuff. It was really a bit too much, as we had really only come there to take a picture of the antenna. We arrived fairly late in the day so we had less than an hour to see the whole site, that was not quite enough. The antenna was very impressive, but it seemed like an incredibly tedious job to analyze all the data that comes from the antenna. Scientists are sitting for months putting together numerous data from the antenna so that they can find out that Pluto is 0,5% smaller than what was previously believed, or other observations.
Stig and Torunn at the Observatory

Stig and Torunn at the Observatory

After the antenna the plan was to go to a small village called Lares. The big attraction there is an ice cream parlor that sells ice cream with funny flavors. They have ice cream flavors like garlic, fish, beef, beers(!) and various other things. I looked forward like a little kid to taste the beer ice cream and fish ice cream. After 1 hour drive from the antenna, we came to Lares, and to my huge disappointment, we were outside the icecream-parlour 3 minutes after five, and the parlor had closed at five. I think the locals thought "that nut must really be fond of ice cream" when they saw me swearing outside the locked store. There were 1 hour drive for ice cream that we never got….So thats the plan for the next time we are in Puerto Rico .
When we got back to San Juan, it was already dark and we had no map or GPS. It was a pretty big problem since we had no idea where our house was. Luckily we were saved by our tablet which had GPS and helped us find a part of town where we could recognize some places and could find the house.
Rosa Lie was cool and had a little party at night. A good chance for us to finish our bottle of Bacardi. We were too tired to come salsadancing with her though. ., besides, we are not very good salsadancers anyway!
The next day we drove to the last remnants of rainforest on the island; El Yunque.
Torunn in El Yunque

Torunn in El Yunque

We obviously had planned to go up to the top of the highest mountain in the forest, a route that few tourists venture out on. It took some effort to get up there, but the rainforest was very beautiful and quiet. There were not as many animals there, but still fine. Typically our bad luck when it began to rain and it turned foggy so we could hardly see our own hand, flashback from Jamaica and Panama.
We also took the tour to various waterfalls which was pretty cool. After the rainforest, we went to a town that is known for having lots of local street food. The best thing about travelling around the world is to try the food from the different countries. Puerto rico food was actually very good, and none of us got sick - double bonus !
On the way back to San Juan, we made the big mistake to drive to the city center in the middle of rush hour traffic. It was a very bad idea, and we still do not know why we were so stupid to decide to do it. The worst thing was that we did it just to get a beer-picture with the fort in the old town. We always try to take a beer-picture in each country, so we find the local beer and shoot the bottle in front of a national monument.
After a few hours in a traffic jam we came to the old city after darkness fell. Old Town was pretty cool in the dark because all the monuments and forts are lit with spotlights. The beer-picture was relatively poor. On the way back to our house, we got lost in the center of the metropolis of San Juan. Torunn was driving and she almost had a fit by the time we finally found the way out of the maze. We were pretty tired when we finally got home.

The next day we said goodbye to Rosa Lie and set off to meet our next couch surfer who lives on a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico.
The island of Vieques is definitely a place that all tourists to Puerto Rico should visit. The main attraction there is a bay which has the highest concentration of luminescent algae in the world.

Alexi - our rastafriend

Alexi – our rastafriend

We took a taxi from the boat and went to the village of Esperanza where the rastaman we were staying with was to meet us. When I had asked him about the address he said that I just had to mention his name to anyone since everyone on the island knows him. The first people we asked did not know who he was, but then we asked some bearded Americans in a local pub. They were very careful not to give us any information, just in case we were FBI or something. They called different people, and after we had had some beers at the pub Alexi turned up and took us in his truck to his home.. 2 minutes later we were accommodated in his nice little pink house. An hour after that, we were in the yacht of a wealthy friend and drank rum in the sunset, while the burgers were sizzling on the barbeque.
Me and Alexi in the water with a little rum

Me and Alexi in the water with a little rum

It was one of those situations where we felt grateful for couch surfing and all the cool people we meet.
Vieques sunset

Vieques sunset

It was a very nice yacht and fun people who owned it. We went on a little trip with the boat and then to the village for a pub crawl. Alexi was a real night person, When we started to get tired around 2AM he had barely started his evening. We went home and he got home at 6 o'clock, apparently with a loud lady.
Alexis job was a tourist guide to the luminescent bay, something that we had planned to do anyway. So the second night on the island, we went there with him and some American women.
Me and Torunn had a kayak to share and began paddling. For each paddle stroke the water around the kayak lit up like a giant neon-light. We saw the fish in the water as they made a luminous track where they swam, probably easy to be a predator fish in this lake.
Me and Torunn paddling

Me and Torunn paddling

Only a few months ago an American woman had been swimming in the bay and a shark had chewed off a large piece of her leg. It apparently went well after a few months in the hospital, but it is illegal to swim in this bay, partly due to bad PR when tourists are eaten by sharks, but mostly to avoid interfering too much with the algae.
It was fun to stick your hand in the water, so I could obviously not help myself when it came to bathe. I had a small accident and "fell" out of the kayak right in the center of the bay. It was cool, I was flopping around and made a lot of light around myself. I felt a bit like "Tron". I made an angel, just like a snow-angel, only more fun.
I was the only one who swam of the group, and suddenly the guide and the others started shouting that I had to go out of the water, so I jumped into the kayak again .
It turned out that the guide had seen the luminous outline of a very big fish that came quickly in my direction, most likely a shark. It may be that I got the wrong kind of attention floppling around. The poor hungry shark probably thought I was a sick fish that he could have for dinner.
In the luminescent water

In the luminescent water

Later in the evening we grilled on the beach with the friends of our rastafriend Alexi. We were in a good mood.
The day after we were leaving to St.Croix, which is one of the islands in the U.S. virgin islands. We left for the airport in Vieques (which is the smallest airport I've ever seen) and waited for our plane to leave. There were only a handful of other passengers as our plane was a small 8 seat Cessna plane. The pilot was very young, probably only around 20, and Torunn had the honor of being co-pilot. Slightly disturbing, but fortunately it was only a half hour flight and Torunn would prove to be an extremely competent co-pilot.

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Aug 072012

In the recent months I have been drooling(figuratively) a little over the next generation of ultra-books coming to the market. Ultrabooks are, as you might know, defined by Intel as a portable computer that is less than 2.1 cm thick, and under 1.5 kg without compromising on battery life or graphics. Battery life is actually much better than in most standard laptops as they are running with optimum power saving features, SSD drives and power-efficient processors.
They are really a powerhouse version of the old mini-PCs or netbooks as they were called.

The latest models that have launched also comes packed with touch screen in order to compete with the tablet market. They are unfortunately not on market before the end of October(in USA) simultaneously with the new version of Windows – Windows 8. Windows 8 is an operating system that is optimized for touch screen usage in an attempt to take market share from Android and Ipad devices.

I've looked at some of the most innovative new machines that are launching soon in an attempt to find the perfect laptop / tablet substitute. I've been the proud owner of one of the best tablets ever made for the last 3 months, Asus TF300T with Tegra 3 Processor. It has been the perfect toy, and actually been highly practical as well. I could take it anywhere, and when I wanted to use it it would boot in less then a 1 second from the standby mode. It had about 10 hours of battery life, and it could even be used outdoors in the sunshine. The only thing that I really could`nt do easily was the video and photo editing, and this is something that is important to me when I am out travelling for a year. But I still fell in love with the konsept of The ultrabook-that-is-also-a tablet. concept. All these new machines comes with HD screens, the latest Intel processors – Ivy Bridge and usually also the new Intel 4000 graphics card(which then is significantly better then Intel 3000 graphics card). They are all launching with the new Windows 8 operating system, which unfortunately means that none of them will launch until the end of October (as Windows 8 comes out 26 October)
These are the machines I'm currently drooling over the most :


Asus Taichi – This is an unbelievably original concept that reinforces Asus in the position as market leader in this segment. Asus Taichi is something as cool as a laptop with 2 super IPS LCD HD 1920*1080 pixel displays ! The first screen is situated above the keypad as in all other PCs , and the other screen is on the outside of the lid!. The screen on the outside is a full-capacity touch screen so the computer can be used as a tablet when it is collapsed. The two screens can display the same content, or work separately from each other so that two people can work on different things on both sides. It is cool on so many levels! If you wanted to show your friends some pictures there is no point in everyone squeesing in front of the computer as they would now be able to see the same pics from the other side of the table .
In addition, if the person who sits above you is really boring then you can just run some funny videos so that they will shut up and leave you alone.
The coolest thing with this concept is that when sitting in a cramped seat on a long bus,train or flight that you will never need to pull out a bulky laptop that won`t fit on your lap, you can use it in tablet mode and watch a movie or play solitaire or something else fun.
The displays are crystal clear LCD panels with very bright light so that they can be used outdoors in the sun, you could watch a movie while lying in a hammock under 2 palmtrees.
This superb machine will feature the new top model of the Intel – Ivy Bridge I7 prosessor, 4Gb RAM, SSD disc and 2 HD cameras on both sides of the machine. There are also plenty of ports to keep any Nerd happy – USB 3.0 , HDMI, DVI, volumcontroller etc.. This should have enough juice to run most new games as well as the latest programs, including video editing. The Main concern is that there will be a far greater possibility of cracking the screen when there are 2 screens.
Asus Taichi is launching in 11.6 and 13.3 inch versions. The price is not decided yet, but bwill probably be 12-1500$ in USA..


Lenovo Yoga – This is just as cool as the Asus Taichi, but a completely different concept. Instead of having 2 displays Lenovo has developed a new type of hinge between the display and the keypad that allows the monitor to be rotated 360 degrees around the keypad.
The screen is a 10 point capacity touchscreen, which is about twice as sensitive as the best tablets on the market.
This one has a vast potential to be the best toy ever, in addition to having plenty of practical applications. It is not quite as sleek and pretty as some of the other ultrabooks, but it still has an incredibly high drooling factor fo tech geeks.
The screen can be rotated in any direction , it can go all the way around to the other side so that it can be used as a tablet, or it can be put on a table like a tent and used as a TV. It can obviously also be used as a regular laptop if you wanted to write documents or work. The keyboard is thankfully turned off when the screen turns 360 degrees, and the leather around the keypad is quite a comfy surface on your lap..
It will feature 1600*900 pixel IPS panel and 13.3 inches. it is 16.9 mm thick, which is a little more than most other ultrabooks, but completely understandable considering everything that they've managed to squeeze into this machine.
As the other machines it will launch with the Ivy Bridge CPU, SSD harddrive , 8 GB RAM and a myriad of connections such as USB 3.0 and HDMI. Battery life should be about 8 hours. The biggest drawback with Lenovo Yoga is that it is quite heavy at 1.45 kg, a bit much for an ultrabook. Another thing to remember is that with any new technology there will be complications, so it is difficult to predict how well these hinges will work in practice.


Acer Aspire S7 – this is definitely the sexiest machine I have ever seen, possibly the most beautiful laptop ever made. It has an aluminimum framing with a shiny glass cover on the back. This gives it a very classy luxurious look. It is incredibly thin, among the thinnest laptop ever made with its 12mm thickness !
It looks and feels expensive (and it probably is). This might not be a good thing when you are travelling the world and find yourself in some developing country playing with your fancy new ultraportable whilst questionable natives are everywhere..
It will come in 11.6 and 13 inches and with HD touch screen, just like the other machines . Battery life is spectacularly good 9 hours for the 11.6 inch and 12 hours for the 13 inch.
Other attributes includes the fancy LED backlit chicklet keyboard that will adapt to the light in the environment. In addition this machine can be placed at 180 degrees on any surface, so litera bit like the Lenovo Yoga, but not nearly as practical. I can`t really see many reasons why I would need to place the computer at 180 degrees with the keypad and screen stretched out…Perhaps in an office where you will have a touch screen display on the meeting table or something like that.



Asus UX21a Zenbook – this one is still a bit of an enigma . Some of the details around this one is still to be published (hopefully at the Asus conference in a few weeks)., but apparently it will launch with a standard version and possibly a touch version as well. Touch version is obviously more expensive.
It is a very stylish and incredibly light machine with its 1.1 kg. It is launching as an 11.6 inch ultraportable with a 1080p Full HD IPS display. It will come with 3(!) USB 3.0 ports in addition to HDMI and VGA output. Like the other new ultrabooks it will have the latest processors from Intel in addition to the Intel HD 4000 graphics card. It is claimed to have 2 weeks standby time and can be started in 2 second from the standby mode. This is an incredibly convenient feature, and is one of the reasons that I was so happy with my tablet.
It is very sleek and nice, but not quite in line with the Acer Aspire S7. The advantage of this compared to S7 is that it will be smaller,lighter and probably a bit cheaper. It is also good that it is a bit more anonymous than the Acer S7 wich is so luxurious that it's going to get all the bad guys start making plans..
However according to Asus this is the most beautiful machine in the world, ihvertfall hvis man ser produktpromoen til Asus ux21a 🙂



Toshiba U925t- Toshiba opted for a traditional,yet exciting way to join in the competition for the best ultraportable tablet hybrid. U925t is a so-called “slider”, which we last saw in the iconic Asus Asus EEE Pad Slider SL101.
This is the first slider that is released not just as a tablet , but als as a fullblown high capacity laptop / ultraportable. You can use it like any normal laptop, but when you use the touch screen as a tablet, you can just slide it easily over the keyboard and let it click into position. This is extremely useful if, for example, sitting in a cramped seat and just want to watch a movie or play some games. In those situations you don`t need to try to fit the laptop in between your lap and the trey on the seat in front of you. , . Sometimes with a laptop you don`t even have enough space to open it up properly. .
It is a bit heavier and thicker than a tablet convertible with its 1.45kg and 1.8cm thick.
It is a big plus is that this is a 12.5 inch machine, so really a perfect size as a travel pc. The other new ultra portables that are launching are either 11.6 inches (that might be a bit small) or 13.3 inches(which is a bit big), so really, I see 12.5 inch as perfect sized travel machine. It comes with a superior 1920*1080 full HD screen covered with Gorilla glass, so definitely great for watching movies. It also comes with a 128GB SSD hardrive, Core I7 I5 eller processor and USB 3.0 og HDMI ports.
It also has wireless display technology that is pretty cool because it allows you to connect directly to a monitor / tv without cables.
Just like the rest of the machines it will come out in the U.S.A at the time of the windows 8 launch 26.october. It will cost slightly more then 1000$.



Asus transformer book is very sleek. It looks expensive , and will probably be quite expensive…men ikke verre enn resten av samlingen her 🙂
It is quite similar to the current top model from Asus – Ux31a. But this is a machine in the transformer range – a tablet-type touch screen that can disconnect from the keyboard.
Unlike the other transformers this is a windows 8 based powerhouse with the best and latest of internal components.
It will come in 11.6, 13 and 14 inch versions with intel core I5 ​​or I7 processor with dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
It has Gorilla Glass og full HD 1920*1080 touch screen. I hope and think it is better than my previous Asus tablet – Tf300 ,that got a big crack in the glass without any particular reason after 2 months of careful use.
It has 4GB of DDR3 RAM, USb 3.0, HDMI, and 2 HD camera on each side of the screen. There is nothing new with the transformer concept, but this is actually the world's first Convertible notebook / tablet that switches to the tablet at the moment it is removed from the keyboard.
It is undeniably a huge advantage to be able to bring only the thin tablet screen out if you do not need keyboard. This is not an option with all the other hybrid solutions. I feel very very tempted towards this. The only doubt I have is that my 2 last machines have been Asus, and they have both been full of errors. On the positive side Asus repairshop have always received them and fixed them again.
There is unfortunately no information on availability or price, But we can only hope that it comes out around Windows 8 launchen an in the 1000$ class.
I am keep a button on this, a large plaid button with green stripes.


Dell XPS duo 12– is yet another innovative tablet hybrid solution that was tried in an earlier version in 2010 without much luck(or sales). This is of an entirely different caliber to the last one. It has a screen that can be rotated within an external frame completely around and over the keyboard.
Dell is also launching with a more traditional convertible Transformer-like hybrid.
The hardware in this is basically the same specs as the rest of the group.




The conclusion is that I am still struggling to decide which of these I shall buy.
I am inclined towards the Asus Taichi since it has such an incredibly convenient tablet function, but it is clear that Lenovo Yoga also appears that it is a machine. S7 is very very nice, but even if it has a touch screen it is not as practical as the previous two, considering that it has no tablet mode.
Asus Transformer book has a huge advantage considering that one can take away the physical screen keyboard so that you do not have to drag on more than necessary if you are going on a short trip and just want a tablet for entertainment.
I`d better wait until they come to market in November and then I can easily compare the finished products, and especially the prices of the different ultraportable mentioned here..
. . ..

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