Apr 152012

So finally after many years of active blogging, I found that it was best to have a proper website before I shall conquer planet Earth with my insane 1-2 years of travelling to all the places that are worth visiting. Here are the previous blogs
This is a page dedicated to everything related to travelling around the world. If you want to read about makeup,fashion and see lots of bikini pictures then there are plenty of 18 year-old glamour models in Norway with fine blogs.
I have plans to travel to 1-2 years, and will share the whole story here. It is going to be exciting, adventures and frustrations,but it never gets boring. Travel planner vår

Stig I have spent much of my life to travel around the great big world. It all started when I was 19 and bought a one-way ticket to a random town in Eastern Europe without any further planning. 6 months later, my aeroplane landed in Bergen and I was a new person, a globetrotter if you wish.
My random travels had taken me through most of Europe, and then through the troubled Middle East (which fortunately was'nt too troubled at the time when I was there).

It was the last journey I was on, but there have been a number of shorter trips in the 10 years that have passed since I was 19.
Shortly after I came back to Norway, I moved to Budapest where I spent 5 year to become a Doctor(In Hungary at least) for animals, or veterinary surgeon if you wish.

A typical day at the office

The last 3 years I have lived in various places in southern England, from Suffolk to Hampshirhire Isle of Wight to Devon and at the time of writing, I live in Kent, just south of London.
I have practiced in various small animal clinics, cows and horses are not my thing.
After many years of saving, we finally have enough money to put a deposit on a house…but then again that is not the plan !
The plan is to burn away every last dollar(or pound) on this around the world trip to make it last as long as the money lasts. It is better to use the money now than sitting in a wheelchair in a retirement home with 2 million in the account and nothing to spend them on.

Here are some useless facts about the Stig:
* Loooves sushi, Mexican and Indian food.
* like zombie movies and liked vampire movies in the time before the stupid twilight movies made it into a mushy romantic teen drama (the worst film ever??)
* loves ketchup and soy sauce.
* Is never grumpy
* like the smell of freshly cut grass. Also loves the smell of gasoline, but I try to avoid it because I do not want to brain damage.
* actually likes Gigi D'Agostini, Benny Benassi,Eric Prydz, Swedish house mafia, Basshunter, Alice Deejay(She was actually the pioneer of the modern dance pop stuff that everyone now runs with) Royksopp and Britney Spears. and no.., I am not a 14 year-old girl.
I also like 70's disco music, particularly Boney M.
* I find that the Buddhist greeting is much more sensible than the handshake. significantly less germs, and more aesthetic.
* Went off alone on a camel through a vast desert of Syria on the border with Iraq. In the desert I found a bedouin family who let me stay in their tent. The chief offered to marry one of his 18 daughters, and offered me a permanent job as a goat herder. unfortunately I had to turn him down on the offer.

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