Sep 182012

Here is a very nice map with LIVE map update from our GPS tablet that we have on the trip. With it so is there any way to follow all travel with constant updating. Så hvis jeg forsvinner sporløst i en eller annen banan republikk så vet ihvertfall myndighetene hvor de skal begynne søket 🙂


Free real-time tracking. Free GPS tracker. Show your location live on Google Maps. Free for your Android phone.

Here's a link to a nice map with all the articles ever published here;
All articles in a world map

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    Whether you have turned off update, or so like you very good to hang out in the Parque de Candelaria


      It is fully update the, we stayed at the hostel costs in 2 days, in the park yes. If you look now it has moved, as we move all the time,


        Ah, so no buildings on the map, thought it was a bare park. Have not heard about a hostel in the middle of a park before. Hvordan er cheautmal by, see leaders have moved on leaders? You have not made so many records even


    Fun with useful issues on a travel blog :). An alternative that I think works well (If you have iPhone) er TrackMyTour ( Works certainly liked, but it is a fun “thing”.

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